103222 SE/2 Qualitative Methods of Educational Science

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Qualitative Methods of Educational Science
SE 2
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To be aware that research results and their quality also depend on correctly used research methods; to understand basically the perspectives, topics and questions of methodology and philosophy of science; to distinguish the main qualitative methods of data collection and analysis; to have an methodological expertise for characterization and evaluation of scientific studies and research results.

First we discuss the concepts and dimensions that are important to reflect science in general and Education and Social sciences in particular, i.e.: philosophy of science, methodology, methods, research design, data collection, data analysis, etc. Then we try to make an overview on two main epistemological positions, the Hermeneutics and the Critical Rationalism. These positions are the fundamental guidelines for the two paradigms of the Social Science, i.e. for the qualitative and quantitative social research. Then we survey the methodology of research. Topics are: the difference between explaining and understanding, theory building and theory verification, the different research logic of deduction, induction and abduction, the quality criteria of the scientific method, etc. Finally we discuss the Grounded Theory as example of a qualitative methodology in more detail.

Continuous assessment (based on regular written and/or oral contribution by participants).

Presentation, term paper

References:  http://lms.uibk.ac.at

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Fri 2014-11-07
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Sat 2014-11-08
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Fri 2015-01-23
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Sat 2015-01-24
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Sat 2015-01-24
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