603166 SE/2 Master's Thesis Seminar

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Master's Thesis Seminar
SE 2
every 2 weeks

Graduates are able to plan and carry out a scientific research project. Furthermore they can present their findings in a variety of contexts.

In this course we will focus on the students' own scientific papers, such as master's theses, dissertations or write-ups for research projects. Students will have the opportunity to present their work in class and discuss it with the group. The challenge of the course lies in dealing with the diversity of themes, theoretical approaches, methods, and methodological decisions in such a way that considerations and processes become valuable not only for one’s own work but for everyone else’s as well. Ultimately these reflections will support the students in creating and maintaining flow in the writing process.

Oral and written presentation of the research project respectively final paper, in different stages incl. incorporation of contributions during the groupe discussions

Course with formative assessment, i.e., students are graded on the basis of written and/or oral tasks assigned regularly over the term.

Bourdieu, Pierre/Wacquant, Lois J.D., Reflexive Anthropologie. Suhrkamp : F/M 1996 (im franz. Original 1992), further readings will be introduced in the first lesson.

positive completion of 3 mandatory modules chosen out of 5 mandatory modules

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