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EP Entwerfen M2
EP 6

Entwicklung der Fähigkeit komplexe entwerferische Aufgaben zu bewältigen; Vertiefung der entwerferisch-kreativen Fähigkeiten, Übung in Kommunikation und Präsentation der eigenen Arbeit.


Infrastructure Natural

Veering off from the well-lit roads of abstraction, this studio will explore the dark back alleys of literality.  A neglected principle of interpretation and production, literality will be assumed as the guiding principle of our projects. At no time in this studio will you hear from me, “That’s too literal.”

In contrast to a typology, a species constantly mutates. A species needs a lineage—it comes from other things. Where others use words like “typology,” we will use words like “species.” While others look for categories, we will look for metamorphosis. This studio will mutate known architecture and will shamelessly exploit its clichés. Sure, clichés are boring, but a cliché is a cliché because it’s been in the world—because people have been looking at them and using them. You may think the way to deal with a cliché is to come up with a genius abstraction. We’re not going to do that. We’re going to stay literal. We’re going to turn clichés into new clichés and privilege a permanent state of the present. The future and the past will always be on our minds, but we’re going to do our best to ignore it.
As a way to explore the problem of literality, the studio will study carefully what we think an architectural feature or detail is and combine it with what we think a natural feature or detail is. We’re going to architecturalize the natural and naturalize the architectural. But again, we’re going to stay literal. We’re going to see if staying literal can be a new way to radicalize the idea of autonomous form.

If design was originally derived from an expertise of form and proportion, mutating design might be an advanced stance on form and proportion and remains in the tradition. It is not an escape route from the tradition. If traditional architecture is a coded response to how a project is to achieve its beauty, the metamorphosis and mutation of tradition looks to cultivate emergent aesthetics. Such work, when good, ought to produce abominations that force appalling experiences that nonetheless produces lust and arousal. When achieved, this is when we’ll know our work is becoming sophisticated.

Architectural form connotes solidity. It is the static object through which life flows and circulate—hence, the contemporary hysteria about program and movement. Instead of focusing on expert social vasculature, our mutant architecture will focus on developing syntactic organs: strange bodies churning out signs and symbols, broadcasting new ways to perceive the real.

We will produce a series of projects that will manage an incremental virtuosity, deploying an architecturalized nature and, or, a naturalized architecture, as a way to escape the tyranny of typology. The projects will be sited at the edge of the city of Innsbruck in its transition into nature.
The goal will be to create mutant types that don’t belong to any category pre stablish by our field.

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