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EP Entwerfen M2
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Entwicklung der Fähigkeit komplexe entwerferische Aufgaben zu bewältigen; Vertiefung der entwerferisch-kreativen Fähigkeiten, Übung in Kommunikation und Präsentation der eigenen Arbeit.


Garbage City

Manshiyat Naser is a ward (kism) of CairoEgypt. It covers 5.54 square kilometers, home to 262,050 people. It is famous for the Garbage City quarter which is a slum settlement at the far southern end of Manshiyat Naser. Being Cairo's largest concentration of Zabbaleen -garbage collectors-, around 40.000, its economy revolves around the collection and recycling of the city's garbage. Over 66% of this garbage is being recycle in Cairo which has an estimated cost of 14 million dollars.

All this circumstances created a very peculiar landscape were tons of garbage are being collected, stored, classified and recycle in an very dense urban scenario. There are no public services or infrastructures. Hygienic and social conditions are deficient. But in the middle of all this chaos there is a very clear Modernist mass production system emerging, reinforced concrete structures, they host all this amalgam of events.

In such conditions architecture is being reduced to the minimum expression. Le Corbusier's Dom-Ino seems a rather simple and straight forward statement. Perhaps for this very reason (its apparently extreme clarity) it is often taken as an icon and a structural paradigm, an example of the potential of the then new technology, a prototypical unit expressing ideas of mass production, repetition, and so on.[1]

But Dom-Ino house is not only a diagram. It transcends even further as the most iconic self-referential object. The diagram has turned into the final object. Something which was meant to be a statement for mass production turn into the object itself and it has been fetishized and manipulate over the last century.

The goal of the studio is to produce design speculations on the Dom-Ino diagram to trigger the debate over new typological, formal and tectonic configurations capable of hosting this specific casuistic of Manshiyat Naser. A new hybrid which foresees the programmatic mixture of housing and recycling.

[1] Peter Eisenman. Aspects of Modernism: Maison Dom-Ino and the Self-Referantial Sign, Oppositions 15/16. 1979.

Since this will be the last design studio. The idea is to trigger possible scenarios that lead student to present a statement that potentially could be use in their thesis.

For the specific task of the studio, students will be introduced to a new formal and conceptual understanding of architecture and design strategies, embedded in the contemporary discussions within the discipline.

It will be a three acts design sequence:  

Dom-Ino as a typological problem.

Dom-Ino as a formal problem.

Dom-Ino as a tectonic problem.

The studies of these 3 cases will be assembled into a new whole.

Student will be instructed into Autodesk Maya in order to be able to fulfill the task. Weekly tutorials and deskcrits will be hold by the teaching staff.




Lehrveranstaltungsprüfung gemäß § 7 Satzungsteil, Studienrechtliche Bestimmungen.

Etwaige Modelle und Verunreinigungen müssen vor Notenvergabe entfernt werden!

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