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EP Entwerfen 3
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Vertiefte entwerferische und kreative Fähigkeiten unter Berücksichtigung von Aspekten der Tragwerkslehre und des Städtebaus; Befähigung zur Entwicklung, Darstellung und Präsentation eines Projekts

>> The "Abstract" City

>>Abstraction as a tool to strange realism.


Abstraction to architecture it would be related as the  absence of ornament  and dematerialization  to get purity.

Abstraction exemplifying the primary tenets of Modernist architecture: the celebration of industrial materials and construction techniques, and the banishing of ornament and handcrafted elements in favor of a machinelike aesthetic.

It is  a mistake to think abstraction opposes the complexities.

For Rancière, Abstraction is not “the abandonment of figuration, but the conquest of the surface.” Greenberg’s reduction of painting to “flatness and the delimitation of flatness” is typically interpreted as the canvas surface and the shape of the frame. Rather, what

if this reduction is instead understood as flatness and the

representation of flatness? Abstraction becomes the result

of the tension between reality and its representation, a method

to defamiliarize form that will privilege the reality of the

medium. Here, abstraction becomes an extension of realism,

not its antithetical position.




A landscape [emerges] whenever the mind is transported from one sensible matter to another, but retains the sensorial organization appropriate to the first, or at least a memory of it. The earth seen from the moon for a terrestrial. The country for the townsman; the city for the farmer. Estrangement would appear to be a precondition for landscape. Jean-François Lyotard.

Modernism has had recurrent trouble with the aesthetic problem of realism. This discussion is of great importance for contemporary architecture and design. Architecture directly intervenes in the real world, yet the architect acts at a removed distance through mediations. The past two decades have seen a shift in the technologies of design mediation, producing a different set of representational problems for architecture. The discourse surrounding Speculative Realism offers a way in which these issues can be engaged in a provocative manner through an aesthetic of realism. A realism, that if not necessarily naive, often lies closer to “the strange”.

It will proceed through the de-familiarization using abstraction of paintings and art with the goal of exploring the aesthetics of estrangement in realism. First point is the questioning of the formal figure of the object through the techniques of the loss and gain of edge, aggregated self-intersection, and odd symmetry. The second point asks these new figures to take on material qualities and ornamental articulation that would further the object de-familiarization. The last exercise prompts each group to take a collection of these objects and begin to alter them in a relation to each other.

Students will shape their thoughts into a Cultural Center in Central Park.

A new concept for a Cultural Center in Manhattan.

The final outcome will be the representation of the design (renders, drawings, diagrams, paintings??,mix?) of this new understanding of a cultural place and a physical model which will accurately display each student´s project.

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